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The Role of Intubation in In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest

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Recent years have seen a paradigm shift in cardiac arrest from the traditional mantra of airway, breathing circulation (ABC’s) to circulation, airway, breathing (CAB). This change represents the understanding that circulation is of paramount importance and thus,
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Etomidate vs. Ketamine in Trauma RSI

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Etomidate and ketamine are both routinely used as induction agents during rapid sequence intubation (RSI) in trauma patients. It is well established that etomidate transiently suppresses the adrenal gland through inhibition of the 11-beta hydroxylase enzyme.
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Common Tracheostomy Issues

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This post explores the most common tracheostomy issues encountered in the ED with practical tips for management.
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Bed-Up-Head-Elevated Position for Emergent Intubation

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Emergent endotracheal intubation has risks of complications including hypoxia, pulmonary aspiration, and prolonged time to intubation. Previous studies from the anesthesiology literature suggests that bed-up head-elevated (BUHE) positioning is associated with improved glottic views and prolonged apnea time.
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Bed Up Head Elevated Positioning for Airway Management

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Review of the Bed-Up-Head-Elevated position for intubation.
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