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Optimizing Trauma Resuscitation Education: A Year-Long In-Situ Simulation Curriculum

Ashika Jain, MD Leave a Comment Medical Education

Optimizing Trauma Resuscitation Education: A Year-Long In-Situ Simulation Curriculum

Ashika Jain, MD, Nelly Parisot, MD, Michael J. Klein, MD, Janice Shin-Kim, MD, Brian Lin, MD, Julia Paris, MD, Shannon McNamara, MD, Jessica Strauss, MD, Soma Pathak, MD

Delivering optimal care in a trauma resuscitation requires a highly coordinated and skilled team.
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Navigating Online Resources for Learning ECG Interpretation

Joe Bennett, MD 2 Comments Med Student Blog Tags: ,

Learning to interpret ECGs is not easy – but there’s a world of help out there.

Authors: Bennett J, Rhee D, Wagh A, Pusic M, Tse AB.

Being able to efficiently and accurately read an ECG is an important yet very difficult skill to learn. Online resources can help you improve your abilities at any learner level;
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The Silence After

Sanjay Mohan, MD One Comment Resident Thoughts

“There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.”

– Willa Cather

Over the past several years, I’ve thought a lot about what to say during the immediate moments after a failed cardiac arrest or traumatic resuscitation. When the rush of adrenaline comes to a screeching halt and all that is left is a deafening silence,
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PEMCARS (Pediatric Emergency Medicine Critical Article Review) V3.0, 2019

Michael Mojica, MD Leave a Comment PEM Guides Tags:

The new version of the PEM CARS iBook (V3.0, 2019) has been released! 200 comprehensive, critical article reviews on PEM literature available for free.

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Congratulations and many thanks to the NYU/Bellevue Pediatric Emergency Medicine fellows and faculty that have put in a considerable amount of effort to make this happen.  
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NYU Bellevue Emergency Medicine Department Hiring New Faculty

Audrey Tse, MD Leave a Comment Med Student Blog

Hi CoreEM Community-

This isn’t a usual blogpost but we just wanted to let you know that NYU Bellevue EM Department is looking to hire new faculty for 2020!!!  It’s an amazing place here with a chance to work with some fantastic residents and inspiring colleagues and treat an impressive breadth of patients,
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Language as Key: Unlocking patients’ stories with shared culture

Magda Robak, MD Leave a Comment Resident Thoughts

There is a man living in New York City who once suffered a traumatic brain injury and is now frequently brought into our ED by EMS with a chief complaint of “seizure.” Often providers order labs, imaging and medications, prescriptions he doesn’t fill and make clinic appointments he never attends. He appears disheveled so many assume he is addicted to alcohol and has seizures due to withdrawal.
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PEM Guides Version 7.0 (2020)

Michael Mojica, MD 6 Comments PEM Guides Tags:

The new 2020 PEM Guide has been released! 183 PEM topics covered concisely in this free, point of care reference.

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“PEM (Pediatric Emergency Medicine) Guides was developed as an online, point of care resource for the residents and medical students who work with us in our pediatric emergency departments.
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