Optimizing Trauma Resuscitation Education: A Year-Long In-Situ Simulation Curriculum

Ashika Jain, MD, Nelly Parisot, MD, Michael J. Klein, MD, Janice Shin-Kim, MD, Brian Lin, MD, Julia Paris, MD, Shannon McNamara, MD, Jessica Strauss, MD, Soma Pathak, MD

Delivering optimal care in a trauma resuscitation requires a highly coordinated and skilled team. Traditional learning methods, while valuable, may not fully prepare healthcare professionals for the high-pressure environment of a real-life trauma situation. In-situ simulation (ISS) training offers a powerful alternative by enabling teams to practice within their actual working environment with realistic scenarios.  This curriculum was written by our Emergency Medicine and Trauma Surgery faculty and outlines a year-long in-situ program designed for our Level I trauma centers. The program aims to enhance the knowledge, skills, and teamwork of healthcare professionals involved in trauma care. It fosters a collaborative learning environment for interdisciplinary and interprofessional teams.

Multiple studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of in-situ simulation training in trauma care.
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