Podcast 186.0: Hypocalcemia

A quick primer on hypocalcemia in the ED.

Joseph Offenbacher, MD
Audrey Bree Tse, MD

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Show Notes

Swami’s CoreEM Post

Hypocalcemia Repletion:

  • IV calcium supplementation with 100-300 mg Ca2+ raises serum Ca2+ by 0.5 – 1.5 mEq
  • For acute but mild symptomatic hypocalcemia: 200-1000mg calcium chloride IV or 1-2g IV calcium gluconate over 2 hours
  •  For severe hypocalcemia: 1g calcium chloride IV or 1-2g IV calcium gluconate IV over 10 minutes repeated q 60 min until symptoms resolve


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  • Dimitri Coukos says:

    Hello, your podcast seems very interesting but the volume levels are very low. Could you increase the gain? I have an iPhone with good quality headphones and even with max volume it can be difficult to hear what you’re saying. Thanks!

  • Sashank says:

    The audio is very low. Couldn’t hear you guys.

  • Jay says:

    Production comment: waaaaay to quiet on all streaming platforms

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