Episode 142.0 – Morning Report Pearls IV

This week we discuss more pearls from our morning report conference on APE, SAH and caustic ingestions.

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Show Notes

Take Home Points

  1. In patients with APE, give high-dose nitro to decrease after load and preload quickly. 400-500 mcg/min for the first 4-5 minutes is my standard approach
  2. Consider DSI to facilitate pre-oxygenation. Ketamine is your go to drug here
  3. A NCHCT performed within 6 hours of symptom onset is extremely sensitive for ruling out SAH but, nothing is 100%. If you’ve got a high-risk patient, you should still consider LP
  4. Patients with caustic ingestions can have rapidly deteriorating airways. Prepare early and be ready to take over the airway at a moments notice

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