Episode 141.0 – Journal Update

This week we discuss some recent publications relevant to EM: ADRENAL, Idarucizumab and Time to Furosemide.

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Show Notes

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Core EM: Idarucizumab for Reversal of Dabigitran

Core EM: Idarucizumab for Reversal of Dabigitran II

First10EM: Idarucizumab: Plenty of Optimism, Not Enough Science

EM Lit of Note: The Door-to-Lasix Quality Measure

EMS MED: When It’s More Complicated Than A Tweet: Door-To-Furosemide And EMS

REBEL EM: Door to Furosemide (D2F) in Acute CHF . . . Really?

emDocs.net: Furosemide in the Treatment of Acute Pulmonary Edema

Core EM: Door-to-Furosemide Time


Pollack et al. Idarucizumab for dabigitran reversal – full cohort analysis. NEJM 2017; 377(5): 431-41. PMID: 28693366

Matsue Y et al. Time-to-Furosemide Treatment and Mortality in Patients Hospitalized with Acute Heart Failure J Am Coll Cardiol 2017; 69(25): 3042-51. PMID: 28641794

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