Thanks again to everyone who contributed to make our third annual NYU/Bellevue Sonolympics a success!   Every year we host our own local Sonolympics, similar to the famous SAEM SonoGames.   Our Ultrasound Scholarly Academy members participate in the planning and execution of the challenges, and the experience is deemed a favorite of the residency conference events!  Each year we modify the program, with new stations and questions based on feedback from the participating residents and attendings.

Here is a breakdown for the day-

  • The day commenced with an introduction and a series of challenging multiple choice questions- setting the stage for the teams for the rest of the day.    We divided the questions into Easy-Medium-Hard, with corresponding point values.  Each question was followed by an answer with a corresponding teaching point.
  • The interactive portion consisted of a variety of timed stations:
    •  Pictionary  – Artistic representation of sonographic terminology, such as B-lines, posterior acoustic enhancement and anisotropy
    • Taboo – A blindfolded sonographer obtains images on verbal direction from the team while avoiding certain words
    • Anatomy — Identify the structures
    • SonoSim case station – Case scenarios with a volunteer model and SonoSim pathology
    • Obstacle course – Team members were required to transport the ultrasound machine from station to station in the obstacle course, performing ultrasound-guided nerve blocks, central line placement on a phantom, identifying the popliteal nerve on a volunteer model, and then identifying as many artifacts as possible on provided images.

All 5 teams remained close until the Jeopardy Finale- where the best team prevailed– congrats to Team 5 (Chris Wang, Steven Mcdonald, Mark Mikhly, Michael Shamoon) for your win!!