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Resident Updates – Core EM

Resident Updates


Ronald O. Perelman Department of EM Fellowships

Anand Swaminathan, MD 4 Comments Resident Updates Tags:

If you’re looking for a fellowship in Ultrasound, Pediatric EM, Toxicology, Healthcare Leadership or Quality and Safety, check out the opportunities available at our program.

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Your SAEM 2017 SimWars Champions!

Anand Swaminathan, MD Leave a Comment Resident Updates

SIMWars is a competitive learning environment held every year at the ACEP Scientific Assembly in October and the SAEM Annual Meeting every May. It pits residency teams from across the country against each other as they manage complex patients. This year, the NYU/Bellevue EM Resident team of Allan Guiney (PGY3), Joe Levin (PGY2), Magdalena Robak (PGY1) and Kristen Ng (PGY1) took home the championship!

Congrats to Allan, Joe, Magda and Kristen for an amazing job!

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The Perfect Game

Sanjay Mohan, MD Leave a Comment Resident Updates Tags: ,

I love sports; I’m the type of guy who opens up ESPN.com on his laptop before The New York Times or CNN every morning. I can most definitely name the last ten NBA MVPs faster than all of the PERC criteria. That being said, I am probably more parts “mathlete” than athlete. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about which fellow stars would make up my entourage, the emotional underpinnings of my dream retirement speech, or my pre-game walk up song(for the record, it’s Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins).

In the waning days before July 1st, in a midst of panic, I became increasingly nervous about starting my training as an emergency medicine resident. Having not set foot in an ED in several months (shout out to fourth year of medical school), I had forgotten what had drawn me to the specialty; what did I get myself into?
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Teaching Risk Taking Behavior in EM

Anand Swaminathan, MD Leave a Comment Resident Updates Tags: ,

This post was previously published on iTeachEM on 9/22/14 here.

A 44-year-old healthy man presents with dull chest pain for 3 hours. His EKG is unremarkable. What’s his risk for acute coronary syndrome? Should he get a troponin? Two troponins? Observation and a stress test?

Emergency Medicine is an inherently risky specialty. In fact, many would say that risk stratification is our specialty. When a patient presents with symptoms, we use our clinical knowledge to determine what we think to be the most likely cause of those symptoms. We then apply studies and investigations to help confirm that diagnosis while attempting to “rule out” other diagnoses. At the end of this, we are often left without a specific diagnosis and need to make a disposition. When we decide to admit or discharge a patient, have them follow up in 24 hours or 1 week we are risk stratifying.
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SMACC Dublin Registration Opens This Week!

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The Social Media and Critical Care (SMACC) Conference is entering it’s 4th year and will be in Dublin from June 13th – 16th, 2016. That’s right, the conference is returning to the land of Guiness and Mike Cadogan – one of the fathers of the FOAM movement. This conference offers the rare opportunity to unite a number of fields in medicine (EM, critical care, anesthesia, trauma) under one roof for amazing content both educational and inspirational.

Registration for the conference opens on October 28th 0900 Sydney time (that’s 6:00 pm EST). Because of limited space (only 2000 registrants) it’s strongly recommended that if you are thinking about going that you get on the site immediately when it opens.

The lineup for talks includes many familiar names from prior SMACC conferences and the FOAM world (Scott Weingart, Simon Carley, Haney Mallemat, Victoria Brazil, Natalie May, Michelle Johnston) as well as a number of new faces including our very own Core EM podcast co-host,
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SAEM SonoGames

Marsia Vermeulen, DO, RDMS, RDCS Leave a Comment Resident Updates Tags:

AMAZING job by our SonoGames team members- Keegan, Andrew and Carlo.   From the initial question round, placing in the top 10 of 54 teams- they dominated many of the hands-on stations during the second round, making it to the final 2 against Yale.    It was a strong fight to the finish, neck and neck until the end, with a very proud 2nd place finish!  Congrats!!
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Marsia Vermeulen, DO, RDMS, RDCS Leave a Comment Resident Updates Tags: ,

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to make our third annual NYU/Bellevue Sonolympics a success!   Every year we host our own local Sonolympics, similar to the famous SAEM SonoGames.   Our Ultrasound Scholarly Academy members participate in the planning and execution of the challenges, and the experience is deemed a favorite of the residency conference events!  Each year we modify the program, with new stations and questions based on feedback from the participating residents and attendings.

Here is a breakdown for the day-
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