Episode 73.0 – PE in Syncope Study

This week we dive into the controversies surrounding the PESIT study looking at the prevalence of PE in admitted patients with syncope

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Show Notes

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EMLit of Note: The Impending Pulmonary Embolism Apocolypse

St. Emlyn’s: JC – Prevelance of PE in Patients with Syncope

EM Nerd (EMCrit): The Case of the Incidental Bystander

Pulm CCM: PESIT Investigators: The Incidence of PE in Those Hospitalized Following First Syncope


Hutchinson BD et al. Overdiagnosis of pulmonary embolism by pulmonary CT angiography. Am J Rad 2015; 205(2):271-7. PMID: 26204274

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