Episode 72.0 – Upper GI Bleeding

This week we discuss upper GI bleeding pearls from a workshop we did in our weekly conference.

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Show Notes

Take Home Points

  1. Respect the UGIB. These patients can bleed a lot. Even if they’re not actively hemorrhagic in front of you, realize that they can open up at any time and decompensate
  2. Get your consultants on board early. A skilled endoscopist is your friend as they can get control of bleeding. Don’t forget IR for TIPS in variceal bleeds and general surgery in bleeding ulcers.
  3. Activate your massive transfusion protocol if the patient is unstable and give the patient PRBCs, FFP and platelets as indicated. Reverse any anticoagulants as well.
  4. Give all patients with confirmed or suspected variceal bleeding antibiotics – typically, ceftriaxone. This intervention saves lives and decreases morbidity.

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