Episode 56.0 – Sedation of the Agitated Patient

This week we discuss pearls from a talk from Reuben Strayer on sedation of the agitated patient focusing on patient and staff safety.

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Show Notes

Strayer Sedation Continuum Slide

Strayer Summary Slide

EM Updates: The Ketamine Brain Continuum

LITFL: Behavioral Emergencies

Core EM: Parenteral Benzodiazepines


Calver L et al. The safety and effectiveness of droperidol for sedation of acute behavioral disturbance in the Emergency Department. Ann Emerg Med 2015; 66(3): 230-8. PMID: 25890395


  • Nasim Azizi says:

    Hi Swami,
    Thanks, very nice podcast.
    I use speciale medazolam nasal spray. It work very fast and don’t need high dosis of medication.
    Nasim Azizi

  • Rudy says:

    How often would you have to administer the ketamine dose?

    • Anand Swaminathan, MD says:

      Rudy – I’ve never had to give it more than once. If a patient wakes from ketamine and is still agitated, you’ve got a big problem (i.e. you haven’t determined or treated the underlying issue)

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