Episode 161.0 – Opioid Epidemic

A look at the opioid epidemic and what ED providers can do to combat this formidable foe.

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Show Notes

  • Consider alternatives to opiates for acute pain
    • NSAIDs
    • Subdissociative ketamine
    • Nerve blocks
  • Curb misuse and diversion through prescribing a short supply and perform I-STOP checks
  • Narcan is not just for acute overdose treatment by EMS or within the ED anymore
    • We can equip patients, family members and friends with Narcan kits prior to discharge
    • In New York state, can prescribe Narcan to patients with near fatal overdoses or who screen positive for an opioid use disorder
    • Intranasal formulation is cheaper and more commonly prescribed than IM
  • Buprenorphine induction can be done in the ED for patients in active withdrawal, as calculated by the COWS score.
  • Home induction can be considered for patients not actively withdrawing but would like to enter medication assisted treatment

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