Episode 149.0 – Simplified Approach to Peds Trauma

This week the podcast features a lecture from Dr. Frosso Admakos - Assistant Residency Director at Metropolitan Hospital in NYC

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Show Notes

Take Home Points

  1. While peds traumas and severe traumas are uncommon, stay cool and collected – you’ve run many resuscitations in the past and resuscitating a kid is no different. You’ve got this
  2. When it comes to access, think 1, 2 IO. 2 shots at a peripheral line and if you don’t get it, go to IO
  3. Tachycardia should be assumed to be compensated shock until proven otherwise. Don’t write tachycardia off as anxiety
  4. Failed airway approach – place an 18 gauge catheter into the neck – hopefully through the cricothyroid membrane and bag through that. If you still have difficult getting an airway from above, consider a retrograde intubation over a wire

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