Episode 127.0 – Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension

This week we talk about the subacute headache and the dangerous, can't miss diagnoses of cerebral venous thrombosis and IIH

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Show Notes

Take Home Points

  • Keep IIH and CVST on the differential for patient’s coming in with a subacute headache, particularly if they have visual or neuro symptoms.
  • Consider an ocular ultrasound! It’s quick, shockingly easy to do, and can help point you toward a diagnosis you may have otherwise overlooked.  I have made it my practice now to include a quick look in the physical exam of my patients with a concerning sounding headache or a headache with neurologic symptoms. 
  • Consider IIH particularly in an overweight female of child bearing age with a subacute headache, but remember patients outside that demographic can have IIH as well.
  • Consider CVST in a patient with a thrombophilic process like cancer, pregnancy or the use of OCPs or androgens or in a patient with a recent facial infection like sinusitis or cellulitis.

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