Episode 116.0 – Button Battery Ingestion

This podcast discusses the presentation and management of button battery ingestions in kids.

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Show Notes

NBIH Button Battery Ingestion Algorithm

Button Battery XR (scielo.br)

Take Home Points

  1. Button battery ingestions are extremely dangerous. Necrosis, perforation and erosion into vessels can occur in as little as 2 hours
  2. ALL esophageal button batteries should be removed within 2 hours of presentation to minimize mucosal damage
  3. Consider button battery ingestion in children presenting with dysphagia, refusal to eat and hematemesis
  4. Co-ingestion of a button battery with a magnet requires emergency removal regardless of where it is in the GI system

Read More

National Capital Poison Center: NBIH Button Battery Ingestion Triage and Treatment Guideline

Pediatric EM Morsels: Button Battery Ingestion

St. Emlyn’s: Button Batteries – Hide and Seek in the Emergency Department

ENT Blog: Lithium Disc Battery Danger for Kids

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