The program for dasSMACC has been released and the Core EM team is extremely excited. This is the 5th iteration of this amazing conference and we continue to see the program evolve. This year, the conference features a single stage with 2500 seats. While this means no concurrent tracks and fewer speakers, it also means that this will be more than just a conference but rather an incredible event featuring the best in Emergency Medicine, Critical Care, Anesthesia, Pre-hospital Medicine and so much more. dasSMACC will continue to have the best pre-day conference workshops ever put together including SMACC Force, Learning to Take the Heat: Training for Stress, Brewing Your Own FOAM, SMACC Airway and Talk Like SMACC.

Tickets for the conference go on sale on 10/26/16 and much like a rock concert, they will sell out quickly. If you’ve never been to SMACC before, check out the site, check out talks from last year on the SMACC podcast and consider taking a trip over to Berlin in June to join us for what will be an absolutely amazing 4 days of education, camaraderie and growth.